Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tough days happen....

I purposefully requested yesterday off from work. 

My husband and I are sponsoring a blood drive, next month, in the community we live in, and yesterday was the meeting where we gathered with area coordinators to discuss details of the event.  As some might imagine, this meeting stirred up a lot of emotions for me. 

While we didn't talk a lot about Catelyn's story, it was there with me.  In my heart, in my mind, in my gut, lurking behind my eyes, and welled up like a giant knot in my throat.

I think about Catelyn every day. 

Every.   Day.

But, I try not to focus on her death too much.  Instead, I try to think about the life that she lived.  I refuse to forget her, so I choose to remember her.

Because she is with me all of the time, however, I think that sometimes I forget that she is gone and isn't coming back.

So yesterday, talking about the blood drive, and realizing what was lost as friends (new and old) gushed over my sweet girl was extremely hard.

Emotions were dredged up from places I didn't even realize existed. 

It hurt.

The day of the blood drive is going to be very hard for me. 

As I sat with the coordinators yesterday, I mentioned that in December I could hardly stay in the waiting area with my husband as he prepared to give blood.  As a matter of fact, I sat in our car and cried on the phone to my dad for most of the time (a good 20 minutes for sure).  I will cry a lot on the day of the blood drive.  Some people will understand, some won't.  Some will cry with me, some won't. 

My husband and I are grateful for the opportunity to sponsor such a meaningful event.  No matter where you live, we hope that anyone, who is able, will give in some way to the Red Cross.

The Red Cross is actually experiencing a blood donation shortage right now, and needs to continue to build a supply.  If you are able to give, perhaps you will consider sending a message to this blog.  We can count blood given at external sites/drives too.

Please remember, blood donated to others provides memories to families that would not be available otherwise.

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