Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A memory

My husband informed me that he made an appointment for our cat to visit the vet this week for his annual check up.  As we were talking about the appointment, we were reminded of a fun story.

At last year's check up for the cat, Catelyn came with me to the veterinarian.  At the appointment, I was trying to remember the assistant's name, and could not.  As the vet came in, the assistant left the room momentarily.  As she returned, Catelyn said "Hi Sara", and then it hit me, the assistant's name was Sara! 

Everyone was so impressed, especially because she could say Sara as clear as day.  The comment was even made that the assistant spent a lot of years being called 'wa' in her household because none of her siblings or cousins could say Sara when they were little.

I then explained that Catelyn's daycare mom was also named Sara, so Catelyn learned that name early.  It was a pretty fun experience.  As my husband said, Catelyn pretty much made the day of any person named Sara, as she exclaimed "Hi Sara" in her chipper little voice.

Even when she would get confused and called me Sara, it was still sweet.  She was such an awesome kiddo.

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