Here are some of my memories of Catelyn (in no particular order):
  • Baptism:  Catelyn was baptized at almost 5 months of age.  We weren't sure what she was going to think about being baptized.  Some kids cry, some laugh, some are indifferent....  Catelyn was so calm, and completely intrigued by the water in the baptismal font (the stand that holds the water).  It was practically comical to watch as our pastor tried to lean Catelyn backward, with her face upward.  Catelyn wriggled and turned her face toward the water.  Quickly, our pastor realized that Catelyn wasn't going to cooperate, so she let her lean in towards the water, a little, while she blessed our baby.  Actually, I think our pastor needed to make sure Catelyn didn't dive in!
  • No salsa left behind:  A few days before our hospital stay began, my parents were in town visiting.  We decided to go to a local Mexican restaurant since we all love Mexican food!  We were all enjoying the chips and salsa; we even broke off Catelyn-sized pieces of chips.  At one point, the salsa was within Catelyn's reach, so she dipped her chip in.  Her eyes squeezed shut, and her lips puckered up, indicating, we thought, that she wasn't a huge fan of the salsa.  However, the edges of her lips curled upward, and she smiled, grabbed another piece of chip, and tried some more.  Even the waiter was impressed with her enjoyment of the salsa!

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