Thursday, July 19, 2012

found pennies

Perhaps you're familiar with the phrase, "find a penny, pick  it up, all day long you'll have good luck'.  Here is a 'new' twist on that phrase.

My parents came out for a visit at Easter, and my mom brought a stack of shiny pennies with her....20 to be exact.  She explained, after she placed them, that she brought one penny for each month of Catelyn's life, and she pushed them into the ground at Catelyn's cemetery plot so that Catelyn wouldn't have to look for pennies.  I didn't fully understand, but she went on to explain that  she had always heard that 'found pennies' are the angels' way of telling us they are thinking of us.

About a month ago, my husband and I were working on a project in the house, and we had walked over the same spot time and again.  At one point, he looked down and saw a shiny copper penny laying next to our cat.  He asked where it came from, but I was on the phone at that moment.  As soon as the call ended, I reminded him of my mom's words.  He commented that he felt it explained why the cat was lying next to the penny, as he loved Catelyn too. 

Secretly, I was devastated to not to have found the penny.

Each day, at my job, I collect the change from the sales the day before.  The other day, as I counted the collection, I noticed that there were 4 pennies.  I had never seen such polished pennies. 

This may be a stretch of the imagination to some, as I hadn't technically 'found' them, but as I gazed at their sparkle, I truly felt that they must be a quick hello from Catelyn.

So, be on the lookout for found pennies, and be sure to pick them up.  Someone is trying to tell you hello.

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  1. The secret to the pennies is not to look for them. Besides, Catelyn is already talking to you through butterflies. :)

    I haven't seen the butterflies yet, but I was swarmed by ladybugs last fall, and I did find a penny in the parking lot next to my car after that trip at Easter.

    She loves us, and she always will. Just like we'll always love her.