Monday, June 4, 2012

I haven't written in a little while.  A lot has been going on for me.  I transitioned out of my old job and into a new job.  Though it was very hard to leave the people I have grown to know so well over the last several years, and have seen through many milestones including the good and bad, still, it has been a very good change.  Believe it or not, I have actually found myself happy.

Happy.......?!  Wow, that is a word that I haven't said in such a long time.  Especially in reference to myself.

Now, that certainly does not mean that I am 'over' the loss of Catelyn, because that will NEVER happen....after all, she is my child.  It's not like breaking up with don't get 'over' it.  You just start to find healing as time goes on.

Does it get 'easier'?   Probably.....over time....lots and lots of time...

I certainly wouldn't count the last nine months as enough time for the pain to fully subside, but to find the smallest spark of happiness is something that I couldn't fathom even one month ago.

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  1. Sometimes change can bring so many good things with it. I am so happy that you are starting to feel happy. Love you!!