Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's day, or something like it.

In three days, a good chunk of  the population will celebrate 'Mother's day'.  I haven't decided what this means for me yet.....

Last year, I worked on chalk art with Catelyn....basically, she scribbled with chalk on a piece of dark colored paper (pictured), and I then cut up that piece of paper into 4 smaller rectangles, did some basic paper crafting, and then sent cards out to both of Catelyn's grandma's and a couple of other women. I did something similar for Father's Day, too, except  my husband was also a recipient of that card.  Actually, my husband provided me with one of Catelyn's drawings last year for mother's day.

A couple of days ago, my husband and I stopped by a local florist/garden center in the town we live in.  As we parked our car he said, 'Part of the reason we are here is so that you can pick out your mother's day gift.'  I didn't even know what to say.  I felt this huge wave of sadness, and so much love.  We walked all around the garden center looking at the many potted plants waiting for new homes.  Finally I picked out an orange-ish/pink coneflower.  It walked away and back and away and back, and finally just had to have it.  As I think about it now, it actually reminds me of an outfit I liked to dress Catelyn in.... 

My husband asked if that was the only thing I wanted and I shrugged and mentioned that I didn't know.   He said I could get more plants if I wanted, and right then, I noticed a plant I hadn't seen before.  It was labeled 'Fragrant Angel Coneflower'.  It had the most darling looking white flowers and apparently it smells sweet too.  It was perfect; I had to have it for the garden.  We picked up a couple of various items for our hanging baskets, and then we paid and headed out.

We haven't placed the plants in the garden just yet, but we will soon.

I still don't know how I feel about Mother's Day yet.  I'm not excited about it, but I'm not fully dreading it either.  I guess I won't know how I really feel until after it comes and goes....

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